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'There is an embroidered figurative comic strip on a dress, where the first and the last pictures are the same. Therefore, it’s called „[Zhenokol]“ or in English „Feminnature“ — a woman in a circle. This is a cycle telling about how women are born.
The comics is embroidered along the skirt. It could be viewed by a kid when the mother is busy. So, mother shouldn’t worry that her kid will get lost anywhere, because his attention will be focused on pictures on the dress. At the same time the child can learn something looking over the comics. Children at the age of 3-4  start to become interested in the question of how did they come to being?

Slavs often compared a woman with the fertile mother-Earth. Even the shape of the skirt resembles the shape of the hill and plays the role of feminine energy storehouse.

A fictional story, self-created myth, tells how a woman is born. Pictograms depict a woman trying to climb a man’s hill. She tricks him by preparing him a magic potion. He falls in love, and together they ascend the man’s hill. A frozen lake is discovered there, and the woman dances and awakens the dormant energy. After the blessing, she runs to the skirts of the hill, completes it with the shape of her own body, takes the sun, and places it in her bosom. After some time, a new girl is born, and the whole story repeats itself.